Who We Are

Mission Statement

To surpass our customers expectations safely and effectively.


  •  • Safety
  •  • Uncompromised Integrity
  •  • Operational Excellence
  •  • Customer Empathy
  •  • Professional Appearance (Personnel, Equipment and Facilities)

History of Company

Founder George Theodoridis began driving with his father in the early years and developed a 12-year single transport career. In 1989, Superior Tank Lines was formed and has experienced years with rapid double-digit growth. Tina Campbell, MBA, wife of Mr. Theodoridis subsequently acquired 51% ownership, prompting "women-owned business" certification.


For the past two decades, woman-owned firms have grown substantially around the globe. STL has initiated an aggressive growth plan while maintaining its values and financial stability. Corporate offices are located in Colton (California) with thriving terminals in Los Angeles (California), Huntington Beach (California), Montebello (California), Portland (Oregon), Tacoma (Washington) Kent (Washington). The 85 unit fleet serves the western U.S.


Environment & Safety

Superior Tank Lines meets or exceeds all federal and state guidelines for environmentally safe operations, and works closely with local agencies. Superior Tank Lines is committed to protecting the environment, while striving to keep pace with the surging demand for all refined fuels in California, Oregon, Washington.

Safety and customer service are everything in this business. Our driver training program, the foundation of our business, is second-to-none. Drivers attend mandatory safety meetings once a month to review new regulations, vehicle operation tips, and receive refresher training on various aspects of hazardous materials transportation. Technology has smoothed the way for expansion, improving fleet management and communication. Our trucks are equipped with Peoplenet GPS systems, and “Drive-Cam” cameras on every company-owned vehicle to ensure safety for all.

Financial Stability

When Superior Tank Lines expanded its operations in mid 2004, it purchased the property, and rehabbed the existing structure for its corporate headquarters. We felt this was the best way to make a long term investment in our future and the community.

90 percent of our business comes from dedicated work with major corporations. We service the strongest brands on the West Coast: P66; Chevron; Shell; and more. We’ve built strong relationships by providing, safe, personalized, flexible service. Our focus on building strategic industry alliances allows to move into new markets, and enables Superior Tank Lines to grow with key customers.

Good fleet specifications, skilled drivers, dedication to service and a strong management team continue to give Superior Tank Lines the ability to provide customers with consistently high levels of service. It is a strategy that will bring continued success through future generations.

Our team

Tina Campbell, MBA(/h3)

President Superior Tank Lines Companies

Mrs. Campbell earned her business degree from the University of California Riverside. She acquired 51% ownership and recently applied for certification as a “woman owned business”. She oversees strategic planning, financing, budget formulation, human resources, and bottom line performance of both transportation companies.

George Theodoridis

Vice President Superior Tank Lines Companies

Mr. Theodoridis has 22 years of experience in the petroleum industry, both as a driver and owner-operator, and is the founder of Superior Tank Lines. While Mr. Theodoridis spends most of his working time on leadership, future planning, financial planning, budgeting for the organization, he still utilizes his strong background in operations support daily. Mr. Theodoridis strongly emphasis on building a genuine rapport with his customers including vendors through creative problem solving and utilizing the latest technology to increase productivity.

Joe Placencia

Safety Director

Mr. Placencia has 20 years in the transportation industry. The last 16 years have been solely in the petroleum transportation industry and is knowledgeable in FMCSA regs, California Title 13, Cal-Osha and haz-mat transportation. Mr. Placencia has worked for three different petroleum transporters during his carrer, the most notable was ExxonMobil,  until hired by Superior in 2005 as a driver. Under the mentorship of John J. Cantlay, Mr. Placencia has flourished in his leadership skills, including proactive safety management, trending reporting, implementing policies and procedures to complement our proactive safety culture.  Mr. Placencia and his dept. are also responsible for all hiring of new drivers and safety oversight for the entire organization.

Steve Kurpuis

Vice President of Logistics Superior Tank Lines Companies

Mr. Kurpuis, has 22 years of experience in the petroleum and transportation industry.  He has a very diverse background as he has worked for ConocoPhillips, 76, Unocal. He has as well worked for Common Carriers and Marketers.  Through his years of experience he has had to perform many rolls; Dispatcher, Logistics Supervisor, Transportation Manager and General Manager and Retail Facilities Divisions on the West Coast Markets. Steve is responsible for the day to day supervision of our 24/7 dispatch. Mr. Kurpuis has been an integral part of growing STL through his commitment to safety, customer service and dedication.